Jacob Becker — Meta Flux

New York City producer + composer Jacob Becker presents his debut album, Meta Flux — the result of years of solo recording, experimentation and sporadic live-electronics performance.

Jacob’s practice dialogues with sound design and composition, stacking and teasing out samples to create an unexpected musical logic. An expansive palette of custom synth patches, fragments culled from a variety of songs and styles, recorded vocals and moments captured on his subway commute is manipulated until movement and melody arise.

Influenced by the maximalist sampling techniques of the 90s — from The Bomb Squad to Skinny Puppy Meta Flux is an exercise in controlled chaos. Electro-acoustic composer John Wall and electronic composer Carl Stone provided ideas for the use of noise and non-instrumental timbres in a compositional context, while the work of Todd Edwards revealed the strange joy to be found in re-arranging a cloud of musical fragments into a new, cohesive whole. Through these processes, Becker attempts to make palpable the alienating and exhilarating emotional effects of a life filtered through technology.

Meta Flux is available in both digital and tape formats c/o Soap Library on March 24, 2017. Each cassette arrives with a packet of black bath salts for ritualistic and relaxation purposes.

Meta Flux was mixed by Joshua Wilson and mastered by Heba Kadry.